I was in a big mall,
with a couple other girls
who were showing me around since I didn't know the place too well.
We walked around the mall
until the girls decided they needed to sleep on the floor
and, for some reason, needed me to sleep there too.

We started camping on the mall's floor.
One of the girls started acting strange,
saying that she was going to "turn into someone else and kill us".
I got up and ran away from them all.

Running around the mall,
I got lost at a section where people left their babies when they went shopping.
It was a really big building with a lot of floors.
I felt safe there
because the girls were far away,
and the only people in the building were babies who slept or played with toys.

After a while,
I wanted to get out,
but couldn't find any exit.
I found a toddler who had a phone with him, and I used the phone
to call a random person from the contact list
and ask them for help.