I got lost in the street and just walked around aimlessly.
I entered a building I found;
the sign outside labeled it as a circus,
but it only had a small gift shop and a pool area.

I hung around near the pool for a while,
because they had a guy swimming in there,
which apparently was a circus act.

When the act was over, I headed to the gift shop.
The same guy who was swimming was in charge of the shop
and, when I saw him up close,
I noticed he had scars all over his upper arms.
It made me worry.
He told me he could make me candy in any animal shape I wanted,
so I agreed to buy one and
asked for it to be pig shaped.
He said "sorry, I can't do pigs".
If I recall correctly,
I just kept asking for different shapes,
but the guy had a different excuse to not make them each time.