I found three mummified corpses.

A man who apparently was a celebrity approached me
and asked if I had any corpses;
I said I did.
He told me to pick them up and get in his car
so we could go to his house.

One of the corpses was a fluffy four-legged animal;
I put it under the driver's seat.
Another was a human head that was stuck smiling;
I carried it on my lap.
I don't remember the third corpse,
only the fact that it was big.

We arrived at his house,
where he told me that he wanted to buy my corpses
since he liked to make things out of them.

His house was really pretty.
I specifically remember a room with a deep red floor and a long pink carpet.
There were random taxidermy pieces on display here and there,
all made up of parts from corpses of different species.
Some of them had colorful confetti on them.
One of them had an upper body that was human,
and somehow still alive.
He was trying to crawl around
using only his arms,
because his legs were dead.