I was alone taking care of a stranger’s house at night.

It was scaring me a little,
and there were plants in the yard
that needed to be "dried off from the rain".
A girl who was helping me (I think she was the maid)
told me to go out and dry the plants while she cleaned the bathroom.

I took out one plant from the root,
only to find a potato-like object at the bottom of the plant
that looked like a small and monster-like statue of the maid.
Instead of going inside to show her,
I stayed outside and took a camera
with the intention of taking a picture of the potato.

I found that what appeared on the viewscreen of the camera wasn't the potato,
but the forehead of the maid who had an unknown house as the background behind her.
When I pointed the camera down a bit,
no longer trying to get the potato in frame,
I saw the maid’s entire face.

I pointed the camera away from the face for a few seconds,
and pointing it at the potato again gave me the image of a random man.
I kept on doing this for a while,
and it let me cycle through three different faces:
the maid,
the man
and an unknown woman.

I went inside with the potato
hoping to show the maid for real,
but she was no longer in the bathroom
so I just washed it a little on the sink to get the dirt off of it.