I was on a train, sitting next to an old man.
We started casually talking;
he said "the old trains were better" and I agreed with him.
Out of the blue, he looked at me very angrily,
and I flinched.

After a few minutes of acting calm, he did something strange again:
he pulled out two knives,
holding one in each hand,
and pointed them to me saying I had insulted him.
I was able to take both knives from him,
and I threw them out the window.
I also exited the moving train through the window, somehow.

I thought I was safe outside the train.
I had landed on a big empty area
with just grass and a path that the train was using
(it had no rails).
The knives were on the floor near me.
However, the old man also got off the train.
He ran towards the knives,
grabbed them,
and then came towards me as I tried my best to reach the train again.
We both were able to get back in the train,
but I got inside first.
I told a woman sitting at the front that the man was trying to hurt me,
and she said "You should go home then".

I appeared in a house that didn't feel like mine,
because there was someone I didn't know sleeping on a bed,
completely covered by a sheet.
I noticed the man also had appeared there with me,
so I tried to wake the person up so they could help me.
The person didn't wake up.
I tried telling the man that I "didn't mean to insult him"
and that I was very scared.
He then forgot about me,
and started approaching the sleeping person with his knives.