about pinkscorpiongrass (the site):

i originally created this site to showcase my universe, but i've found that my wish to work on that is not so strong anymore, so it's in an indefinite hiatus.
there really isn't a lot to see in there, but you're welcome to look around, of course. that's why i've kept the unfinished stuff in.
as for what the site is right now: i'm not sure how to describe it. it's personal for sure; with pictures i've taken, art i've made, some dream journal entries, that kinda stuff. but it's also just whatever nonsense i feel like making or showing people.
i have a lot of content that i never knew what form to give so that others could see it, if that makes any sense. contextless scenarios i've thought about, my dreams, a few hypnagogic hallucinations that i perceived as audio and wrote down (these don't happen very often, and sadly many go unrecorded) and pretty much any idea i've had.
it's fun to try and give some use to those things as small as they might be, fighting the need to turn them into something so grand and complete that it loses its original feel.

about pinkscorpiongrass (the person):

my name is agostina.
i think this is the coolest picture that will ever exist of me. this was taken many years ago, though.
unlike the me in this picture, nowadays i am slightly taller and wear glasses.

i love rabbits, bugs, fabric, yarn, thread, patterns, dolls, funny noises, conversation, plants, picture taking, recalling my dreams, custard, dinosaurs, drawing, trust, showers, laying on the floor, bananas, painkillers, sweaters and the fact that i'll never ever reach the point where i have seen everything that exists.

as for what i dislike, i don't like videos very much. audio and pictures are alright by themselves, but if a combination of them goes on for long enough i'll just want to shut it down. i also don't like it when my sleep schedule becomes ruined, as it's really hard to fix when that happens. i don't like it when i fail to understand someone or to make myself understood.

i was diagnosed with autism on june 24th, 2022. i was 23 years old at that time. an earlier diagnosis would have saved me a huge amount of trouble of all kinds, but i'm happy to know it now, regardless.

i'm not too sure of what else to say about me; that is something about me, and now i've said it.

i am happy if you have read this.